Zable(tm) Sterling Silver Happy Anniversary Bead / Charm


The attractive Zable(tm) Sterling Silver Happy Anniversary Bead / Charm, crafted in 925 Sterling Silver. This product measures 14.00 mm wide, 9.60 mm long. Designer: Zable - Zable is the latest and greatest in the world of charms. Our sterling silver beads interchange to form a unique piece of jewelry. The beads slide right onto the starter jewelry so that anyone can easily create their own collection. With over 1200 styles to choose from, no two collections are the same. Everyone's jewelry tells a unique story. Developed in Italy, Zable jewelry is manufactured of the highest quality just outside Venice. Our bestselling Murano glass beads are unparalled in detail and beauty, featuring genuine 24K gold and sterling silver foil. Don't settle for imitations - our glass actually comes from Murano, Italy!