Wrinkle Reducer Day Cream with Extensin & Asparagus Root Extract by L'Erbolario Lodi


L'Erbolario phyto cosmetics are the fruit of enthusiasm for herbalism, acted out in 30 years of production and, it has to be said, of success. Their Wrinkle Reducer Face Day Cream with Extensin and Asparagus Root Extract strives to turn back the hands of time.Our skin encounters numerous ageing factors daily: light, first of all (both that of the sun and artificial light), the changes in humidity and temperature, and the irritant and toxic factors of air in cities. L'Erbolario's Face Day Cream contains Extensin, a vegetable collagen which forms the essential structure of the dermis; Asparagus Root Extract, to help cells regenerate and grow; and flavonoides of Lady's Thistle Extract, to soften the skin and make it capable of withstanding sensitizing and allergizing factors of the world we live in. Of course, not all of our daily activities are toxic, however life's adventures cause us to smile, frown, doubt and worry. Each facial expression leaves its impression with tiny lines and wrinkles over time.Apply L