Tend Skin Refillable Roll-On For Men and Women, 2.5 fl oz


For Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs and; Razor Burn Since Tend Skin® Liquid first hit the market in late 1994, customers have asked for an easier way to apply it to the skin. Using a cotton ball to apply the product wastes a lot; the cotton ball tends to fall apart and the fingers start to peel a few days later. The search for an acceptable system was hampered, because we could not find a package that would ship or be useable without leaking. After 911 we started getting requests for an airline legal package to avoid confiscation when taking the product on a flight We tested many systems and finally found a quality package in 2008. Our new package is a 2.5oz refillable roll-on with an improved formula having a 2 year shelf life. The package has four parts; a reservoir that holds the product, a roll-on ball sleeve into which the product reservoir screws s