Te Verde (Green Tea) Perfumed Bath Foam with Green Tea Extract by L'Erbolario Lodi


L'Erbolario Lodi has always maintained a good relationship with the earth. Their raw materials are freshly pressed vegetable oils, flower waters and herbs distilled drop by drop, and juices of plants extracted with craftsman like patience all as essences received as a gift from Mother Nature.The fragrance of Green Tea is delicately aromatic. It contains substances which have an important anti-oxidizing effect and a protective action against the effects of free radicals. Green Tea is also said to have anti-microbic properties. Green Tea is irreplaceable in revitalizing and toning up tissues and fighting the effects of time.L'Erbolario Lodi's Green Tea Perfumed Bath Foam promotes harmony, well-being and vitality. This soft and creamy bath foam caresses skin, revitalizing its beauty smoothly and gently. Green Tea Perfumed Bath Foam also contains rice proteins that protect the skin from outside aggression, leaving it moisturized and toned.Each bottle contains 7.76 fluid ounces (200 ml.) of Green Tea Perfumed Ba