Reflections(tm) Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Bead / Charm


This delightful Reflections(tm) Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Bead / Charm, crafted in 925 Sterling Silver. Reflections(tm) beads are guaranteed compatible with all popular brands of bead bracelets Designer: Reflections - Reflections (TM) by Simstars produces over 900 handcrafted beads using Sterling Silver, hand-blown Murano Glass and 14K Gold. Some beads feature high quality cubic zirconium or antique finishes as well as dangling charms. Each silver and gold bead is originally handcrafted in wax by a team of skilled craftsmen, from which the finished beads are casted. The hand-blown glass beads have a solid sterling silver threaded core. Likewise, the silver and gold beads also have a threaded core. The threaded core stops the beads from falling off the ends and allows you to twist them on and off the bracelets and necklaces.