Nutri Labbra Vellutante (Smoothing Lip Stick) by L'Erbolario Lodi


The two most delicate and vulnerable parts of the face, the eye area and the lips, are also the ones that tend to leave the most lasting impression, with a look or a smile. Because they are so fragile, they are most in need of nourishment and hydration.Smoothing Lip Stick by L'Erbolario adds three different vegetable/fruit butters, Shea, Mango and Illipe to the traditional cocoa butter to create as much softness and elasticity possible. This combination helps defend against the age-old enemies of wind, sun and cold. The addition of Vitamin E helps retain a youthful look.Each Smoothing Lip Stick contains .18oz (4.5 ml.) by L'Erbolario.