Men In Black 3 Agent G Bishoujo Statue


Men in Black 's beautiful Agent G in Bishoujo statue form! Statue stands just under 8-inches tall (1:7 scale). Includes removable sunglasses to highlight her sexy look! Standing on a New York City streetscape, it's the Men in Black 3 Agent G Bishoujo Statue! Measuring just under 8-inches tall (1:7 scale) on her exclusive base complete with a tentacle-wrapped fire hydrant, Agent G was sculpted by GILL GILL, who captures her in a cute pose with her thighs together and her feet apart. She even wears a unique version of the trademark Men in Black agent suit; needless to say hers looks a lot more appealing than what the men wear! Agent G's tight jacket shows off plenty of cleavage and leaves just enough room for her to extend her arms. In one hand she holds a time-jump device and in the other you can have her wield either a Neuralyzer or standard issue Agent Gun. Agent G also features removable sunglasses so you can display her with or without cool shades so you can see her pretty Bishoujo face. Add to your Bishoujo collection with this lovely Men in Black 3 Agent G Bishoujo Statue!