McDavid Adult HexPad Thudd Sports Girdle


McDavid Adult HexPad Thudd Protective Sports Girdle Watch the world's best players closely enough, and eventually you'll see the truth. They're all wearing HexPad protective apparel. The perfect girdle for light contact days or for supplemental protection for games. The #757 Thudd Short is a pro style moisture managed compression short featuring our revolutionary HexPad Technology to protect the hips, tail bone, and thighs. This very versatile short is perfect for added protection in almost any sport activity. What is HexPad?: HexPad Technology is a padding system that bonds dozens of individual athletic foam pads permanently into fabrics. Hexpads are machine washable and cost effective allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into the shirt or pant, unlike anything seen before. Hexpad Technology allows the replacement of your existing undershirts, pants and sleeves with true performance products