Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Pure Castile Organic Bar Soap Unscented Baby-Mild, 5oz, 140g


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are completely biodegradable and vegetable-based. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are made with Certified Fair Trade and Organic Oils. Simple, Ecological Formulations Based on Oil-World Quality and Experties. All oils and essential oils are certified organic to the National Organic Standards Program. Wrapped in 10% hemp-flax, 90% post-consumer recycled paper from Living Tree Paper Co.AlmondNothing brings the warmth and coziness of home and hearth into your shower like this heavenly almond scent.Unscented Baby-MildUnscented baby contains no fragrance so is great for people who have allergies or sensitive skin. Of course it is great for babies as well.Citrus OrangeLemon essential oil being a citrus oil is stimulating for the skin and peps up the spirit.EucalyptusEuclayptus opens your pores and clears your sinuses while enveloping the body in its warm invigorating vapors.LavenderA relaxing fragrance for tired and stressed-out souls lavender calms the nerves and soothes the body. Perfect just before bedtime or to start your day out with a tranquil peace of mind.PeppermintThe peppermint essential oil tingles the body and clears the mind. Because therapeutically peppermint oil is a mild stimulant it increases vitality and clarity.RoseThe Rose soap with its beautifully blended natural essential oils has an elegant and romantic traditional feel.Tea TreeTea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps heal cuts and bruises as well as skin conditions like acne dermatitis and psoriasis.