Custom Austrian Crystal Round Aurora Chinese Symbol Belly Ring


Custom Austrian Crystal Chinese Symbol Belly Ring To create your custom Chinese symbol body jewelry navel ring: 1.  Enter the Name of one of the Chinese symbols listed below in the Personalization BOX directly above . (If the symbol name is NOT listed below, the Chinese symbol is not avialable).   2.  Enter the Quantity and Click the Buy Now button   When Ordering More than 1 QUANTITY :     You can order each item individually or if you are ordering mulitple item, simply type in a number with the corresponding Chinese symbol you would like.   Example: 3 items ordered . Customization entry: 1 -Faith 2 -Love 3 -Believe.  A great gift idea for any occasion. There are no returns and all sales are final on customized items Specifications:   14 Gauge (1.6mm), 7/16" (11mm), 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Austrian Crystal, (All sales are final for personalized items). Names List A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z A abandon abide by ability able to aboveboard aboveboard and open abstruse abundant, abundance accept accommodate accomplish, accomplishment according to accurate, accuracy achieve, achievement acknowledge act, action active actor, actress acute addiction adequate adjust admire admire and respect adopt adore adorn, adornment advantage adventure affable affection afraid of against age, aged agile agitate, agitated agree, agreement agreeable agriculture aid air conditioning alert alike allow allure alter amaze, amazing ambition amuse, amusement analyze, analysis ancestor angel anger, angry animal announce, announcement answer apologize, apology appearance apply, application appointment appreciation apprehension appropriate approve area argue, argument army aroma, aromatic arrange, arrangement art artisan ashamed Asia aspiration assign, assignment assist assistant atmosphere attached to attitude audience auspicious authority authorize, authorization avant-garde avenge await awake award aware of awe awe-inspiring B baby bad bait ball, ball game banana band (music) barbarians, barbarous bashful basketball battle bear (animal) bear, to beast beat beautiful beautiful woman beauty become famous become reconciled bee beginning behave, behavior believe, belief bell belong to beloved wife benefactor beneficence benefit, benevolence benevolence berry, berries besiege best quality better beverage big billows biography bird birth birthday blade of a knife blame blend bless, blessing blessing from God blood blow up boat body bodyguard bold and generous bon voyage bone books boss boundary branch brave fighter brave man brave, bravery bread break breasts breathe breed brief bright brightness brilliant, brilliance brothers Buddha Dharma Sangha Buddhism Buddhist monk bugle build burn, burning business buy by chance by oneself C cake calamity ca