Colt "The Immortal 600" 150th Anniversary Bowie


On Aug 20, 1864, a group of 600 Confederate officers left Ft. Delaware as prisoners of war, bound for the Union Army base at Hilton Head, SC to be placed in a stockade in front of the Union batteries at the siege of Charleston. They landed on Morris Island, at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. Here they remained in an open 1-1/2 acre pen, under the shelling of friendly artillery fire. Three died from starvation as a retaliation for the conditions of Union prisoners at Andersonville, GA and Salisbury, NC. On Oct 21, after 45 days under fire, the weakened survivors were moved to Ft. Pulaski, GA crowded into the cold damp casements of the fort. On Nov 19, 197 of the men returned to Hilton Head to ease overcrowding. 10oz of moldy cornmeal and soured onion pickles were the only food given for 42 days. 13 men died at Ft. Pulaski and 5 at Hilton Head. The remaining members were returned to Ft. Delaware on Mar 12, 1865, where another 25 died. They became famous throughout the South for their adherence to principle, refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance under such adverse circumstances. 440A Stainless steel blade with commemorative etch Burnt stag handle Brass end cap and wraparound hand guard 10-1/2" Blade Blade Thickness: 3/16" Blade Width: 2-3/16" 15-1/8" overall Leather belt sheath Made in Pakistan