Buhel Speakglasses SG04 Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses


The SG04 Speakglasses is an innovative communication system in an everyday sunglass format with sound and voice bone conduction technology and Bluetooth communication. The Speakglasses use the BUHEL VIBRATION SYSTEM that is an innovative system of sound transmission through the bone conduction of vibrations in your face, meaning that the glasses automatically recognize when you speak through the vibrations that come through your face and nose. Inside the sunglasses there is a revolutionary bone-conduction communication system that enables vibrations to become sound. Thanks to it, you will discover the absolute freedom of listening to music without wires, of making phone calls without the need to use your hands, with the comfort and the safety of hearing all the sounds around you as your ears are free from earphones. The Speakglasses can be connected to Bluetooth enabled cellular phones, music players and GPS devices. These are a high quality men's sunglass with polarized lenses that have been designed for skiers and cyclists, but are perfect for many other sports too. Technical engineering makes it suitable for the use in the open air, and particularly efficient in strong wind conditions or environmental noise. Features: Equipped with a bone conduction microphone integrated into the frame, which is able to catch your words directly from your nose, so allowing a clear conversation everywhere, also with strong environmental noise or wind. Equipped with two high quality earphone set, one for the normal use, one prepared for a practical and stable use inside of a safety helmet. Answers automatically in hands-free mode when listening to music or in stand by. Equipped with polarized high quality polycarbonate lenses, UV400 protection, anti-scratch, high impact resistance. Each pair comes with 1 hard case, 1 replacement white lenses, 1 fabric bag, 1 USB cable, 1 battery charger, 2 earphone sets (one standard, one inside the helmet), 1 optic adapter for graduate lenses, and one instruction manual. Buhel develops innovative communication systems for daily use based on sound and voice bone conduction technology and Bluetooth communication method. Dimensions: 8.19"L x 3.46"W x 3.15"H Weight: 0.88 lbs.