Boston Red Sox 100th Anniversary 3D Stadium Puzzle


Its a running joke between your friends that youve been desperately trying to win that fictitious Parent of the Year Award. You enjoy spoiling your young Red Sox fan with tickets to the game, unforgettable memorabilia, and trips to the batting cages to work on their swing. As the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park approaches, you feel the need to get your young Boston fan something special and unique for this momentous occasion. Grab em this impressive 3D Stadium puzzle, made exclusively for the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park for an extra bit of team spirit. When completed, this puzzle will show a detailed replica of Fenway Park, complete with the ballpark landmarks you know and love. Made with simplicity in mind, it requires no glue, no tools, and is assembled with a push fit. Watch out though word might get around about how awesome you are and you may find some competition on your hands.