Experiential gifts-the most memorable ones!

Recently i was involved in celebrating one of my friend’s birthday and was in heck of dilemma as to which gift would she like because she never expressed herself to us…what to say of an introvert! So i put all my labor in surfing the net and the shops for the “perfect” gift she would love and that which would make her day. And i was in vain…!!!

Then came the idea of “experiential gifts ” which would let our dear ones have the memories preserved for their life time.

These gifts could be anything like concert tickets,cooking classes or a membership in a gym or simply taking them to spa.These are the kind of gifts which will make the recipient come out of their busy routine and its better than the material stuff.

Few are the ideas for these kind of gifts:

  • Adventure sports: Depending upon the attitude of the recipient, there’s a good choice of giving them the thrilling experience of Bungee jumping,trekking,hiking and many adventure sports.After all the experience you get while falling with gravity is priceless!
  • Spa treatment: Can opt to give a nice pedicure,massage and spa treatment for those who work round the clock and find very less time for themselves.This enables them to have a relief over the stress and opens a new world.
  • Experiential Gifts For kids: Taking kids to amusement parks or the theaters will do the job of satisfying them for the day.Going on a camp with the whole family and sitting near the campfire listening to stories or a picnic with barbecue could be one of the most favorite thing of kids.Its a great experience for both kids and the family.

Candle-light Dinner: Giving tickets to a luxurious diner to your friends as a wedding gift who are recently married or an anniversary gift those who have kids and don’t often do this will be a good idea.Also taking your spouse for a candle-light dinner wins you over again for their special day.

After all, the cherished and greatest gifts will always be the moments we spend with our loved ones.There’s no equal to these ‘coz there’s a saying that “memories last forever”

Hope the thought has been conveyed properly and wish you have a great gifting experience with Topgifter.com.

Relaunched the Topgifter site.


After many sleepless nights,overcoming all the hardships and crossing all the hurdles; we are glad to announce the launch of new version of the Topgifter site with many advanced features which is simple,professional and organised compared to its previous layout. And whats more interesting is the new app that has personalized with your  Facebook profile which shows the event list and suggestions for your friends’ birthdays and stuff like that.

    The revamped site comes with infinite pagination of pages and a user friendly layout which enables the perfect gift discovery more easier. We also have included new inventories for a better shopping experience.

Happy surfing!!!













Facebook login for Topgifter site

Introducing the new Facebook Topgifter app to make the personalization of your page even easier.You can now login to the Topgifter site using Facebook and comment on the gifts and post them on your wall.

The login button appears in top right corner of your web page and you can access the site using Facebook.Once its done..you are free to post at your will regarding the products and gift options we have by using ‘comment bar’.







Graduation Gift Ideas

The day of our graduation is one memorable occasion we would want to remember and get best wishes from everyone for the future.Its the threshold for a different kind of life where we deal with realities and no more college fun.

It gives a different aura of responsibility for our life and embarking to a new phase is such a delight when our loved ones are there for us.

Here are few gifts/giveaways for Graduation day.

Graduation Flowers : As i mentioned in the earlier post regarding the significance of flowers, i recommend these vibrant lilies as an option.Flowers Fast offers the ‘same day delivery’ in US and Canada which even helps in the last minute preparations for the day.


The crystalline ball point pen for those geniuses who completed their graduation.These pens are available in

Swarovski store in our site.Also available in Light Amethyst and Indian Sapphire color.


For the young graduates,who are going to start their career-we have Fountain pens,Ball point pens,Memo box,card holder at Executive Essentials.


Personalized gifts will do a great job in conveying the best wishes.Here is the mug personalized with up to 9 characters for the name and any year up to 4 characters.

Graduation Photo Frame

Capture the precious moment of graduation day in this magnetic photo frame and personalize it with the name of the graduate.This freestanding frame will have the message laser engraved within 24 characters each line.

Congratulations to all those graduates.




Candles & Incense for gifts


Candles which are known to illuminate our homes when its dark, have come a long way to show their significance as either home decors or incense by filling our homesteads with fragrance.These also have served well as gift options for various occasions.Different shaped candles with different scents are sure to impress anyone.

Let me introduce you to Candle Bay-dealers who supply candles for best prices and great quality.

There are oh-so-many candles with funky shapes which adjust their presence in almost every place.

Consider the Sculpted Vegetable Candles….suitable for kitchen mostly.They look almost real.And there’s this Scented Candle in Silver Bucket which goes with a party at home or as a wedding favor.And this reminds me of pillar candles especially for weddings.These are beautifully sculpted and every detail of the sculpture on the candle just looks so great and adds to the essence of your wedding day.














Even this Wedding Cake Candle is funky and adorable.

Scented Candles

While these candles burn,it brings out the aroma and fragrance which can fill your room, and that’s why these are recommended as gift ideas by most of the people.

In Candle Bay, there are numerous candles with different aromas.Among them i highlight few products for reference


  • Therepe Cafe Soy Jar Candle-Cafe MochaThis is a scented candle for coffee lovers who get their senses refreshed just after smelling the fresh brewed coffee.This type of candles are available in four flavors of coffee.



Pillar candles for coffee lovers in Caramel Macchiato flavor.










There are also soy candles with various fragrances.Unlike wax candles,these have long burning hours and less allergic.


Soy Tin Candles







Reed Diffusers

If you are not a candle person and want fragrance flowing all over the home-Reed Diffuser and aroma oils are the best option.Here are few options……


Don’t forget to change the tips of the reeds constantly for easy diffusion.

Something for the bath connoisseurs here:

  • Bath oils

 These bath oils helps dry skin to restore the moisture and cleanses the dead cells.For more details on the direction of use and other varieties,visit our site.

  • Nourishing Conditioner

Available in Green Tea & Ginger,Eucalyptus & Peppermint, Vanilla & Nutmeg,Lemongrass & Ginseng;the conditioner is very gentle on the hair and results in shiny and bouncy hair after bath.

Few suggestions for you to have a better view…….














And a room spray here….


Well,that’s all for now folks……………….Adios………………


New Additions made in Topgifter site

Topgifter has recently taken a step forward to reach its users through social networking.

WE have included the commenting section for every gift idea in the site.

This way, your friends can see what you comment-it posts on your Facebook wall or you can also comment using Yahoo,AOL,Hotmail.And it guides the other users about the gift we display and helps them decide the p’s an q’s of the gift idea.

“The motion is passed to open the floor for discussion”  ;)

ciao :)



Birthday Gift Ideas-part 2

So, i am back on this subject at last!

Well now i will be focusing on those gifts which can be given to any age groups and they are accepted as the best gifts and find them hunky dory about them.

Watches as gifts.They are a kind of entities which have the widest range- from 7$ to 7 million$.Yes, you heard it right.Watches are considered equals to cars for their mechanism!Such is the story of a watch.

Now, if you give watch to a friend or a relative or family itself,..they surely will treasure it(unless they have each for every working day).Watches as gifts fits into any occasion without any strain.

There are wide range of watches available in this online store “Kenmar Watches

and these guys are known for their great customer support.Watches for both men and women with many models and the lowest prices are its hallmark.

With streaks of uniqueness and great quality ensembled with lowest prices possible; Kenmar watches is one of the premier online watch retailers in the world.

The last word for this lucrative gift option is-”affordable” with Kenmar watches.




Another common accessory is Jewelry.

Way to make her happy with jewelry from Fine Jewelers.

All sorts of designs and for all age groups, stones-natural and lab created…Fine Jewelers brings out the best jewelry to illuminate the lovely face.

And the earrings…………

These elegantly cut topaz stones make beautiful ear rings are supported by 14k white gold and the company offers the certificate of authenticity and life time warranty with a 30 day return policy and they give away a free jewelry cleaner with a purchase made from them.

Fine Jewelers has a wide range of jewelry starting from pendants,chains to bands,bangles,wedding bands etc.

The company has jewelry for the whole family and for every occasion.Take a look at these bracelets and men’s jewelry.



Not just this,there is personalized jewelry too with Disney characters.Personalization with name up to 9 characters is possible.

For those who love Disney; these pendants are a great birthday gift for them.

 Get going with the hunting for gifts folks!






Flowers for Gifts-Lift the spirits!


One of the most beautiful creations of mother Nature and one of the commonest gift for someone special for your expressions should echo in their hearts.These dainty products of flora play a vital role in our daily life.Wish someone to have a good day or apologize someone by sending them..these are a hit in any and every occasion.I would suggest you take a bunch of flowers as a gift if you can’t find anything appropriate.The recipient will always be happy while receiving them :) While surfing through the million items of our catalog i specially want to discuss this 1_800_florals -an online flowers shop to deliver fresh and a variety of flowers nationwide overnight;because it enamored my senses with its network of florists round the world to let you have the best of flowers when ordered.It holds an appreciative place when delivery of the gift item i.e. bouquets,blooming green plants,roses,Fruit and Goodies baskets is concerned.Here’s a sneak peek to the flowers available in their catalog….


I find myself loss at words after taking a look at these beauties.

One more gifts store that interested me is Organic Bouquet.

This floral shop has a specialty of providing a wide range of flowers nationwide with its freshest quality of flowers delivering overnight from flower farms which are grown with stringent practices.They also are partners with selected flower farms in California,Columbia and Ecuador.They have roses,lilies,tulips,daisies,petites,hyacinths,sunflowers….. what not,anything-you name it..its here.

Organic Bouquet has the tag of the largest provider of Eco-friendly and organic floral gifts.Here’s a  microcosmic view of the bouquets and gifts.








Surely they might have blown you out with their daintiness.These same day delivery gifts will arrive at your door-step with an ‘overnight delivery policy’.

So the bottom line is “flowers are great for gifts.”

Though its easy to say ‘man!get a bunch of flowers for the lass’–it some times turns out really difficult to choose which flowers for which occasion are to be given as each flower holds a distinct meaning for itself.

Here are few flowers and their significance in different occasions.

Roses: Famously known as romantic flowers,they represent love and gratitude.Not only for a romantic purpose but also serves well as gifting to your employers as a gratitude gift.But remember-gifting your colleague with a 25 red roses or more will convey congratulations but not a single red rose which entirely means-” i love you”

Lilies:Best for Mother’s day for their vibrant fragrance and for graduation day for a spectacular look.



White Tulips/Daisies:These white flowers represent peace and calmness.

Mostly taken to funerals these daisies and tulips are delivered to express condolences.





 White carnations/roses:Weddings mostly are adorned with white roses,carnations,daisies,yellow carnations etc,.But there also modern weddings which employ any rich color tropical flowers for the occasion.




Chrysanthemums/roses/gerbera daisies/marigold are perfect for thanksgiving.





Pretty informative?Then don’t delay to send these floral gifts for those special ones!





Fourth of July plans.

Guess the holiday mood started already.People started hitting roads for the weekend to enjoy with family and friends.This fourth of July being on a Wednesday brought more scope of partying and having fun at home.

Camping,outdoor games, barbecue,picnics,parties,concerts and lastly fire crackers make the fourth of July the fun filled summer occasion for all the age groups.

Camping outdoors must be the favorite part for kids.The portable gas Grills being most useful accessory for campsite cooking will be enough to satisfy the little monsters’ appetite.

Available with a VersaStand telescoping base that adjusts to the grilling height and 3 year warranty including many top features;this is a better way to go for camping.

Picnics with family is also one of the favorites for everyone during the summer.And when fourth of July is the occasion-who backs out?

Featuring a Picnic table and Picnic Basket apt for the the fun time and durable.The light weight insulated basket with water-proof interior and a picnic table-easy to carry one will be of great use

Barbeque in the backyard is the favorite part of most homesteads in America.Barbequing every protein slowly on the charcoal with this Barbeque Set and taking in all the scents of meat grilling and roasting on its racks on a holiday sounds like heaven,ain’t it?

Thinking of throwing a party or is there a family re-union?Instill a new patriotic glow to your home with the Wall Decor personalized with your family’s name.Its a star door hanger you can hang on the federal holiday.

While party going on, use these natural Tote Bags with American flag design for a eco-friendly party.And decorating with wall decors like Hanging Pillows or a Freedom Cross will surely fill the home with aura of patriotism.

So,plan ahead for the events!Also a great concert will do in lifting spirits up in a eco-friendly way.

Change is inevitable!

Hi guys.

Its been a while with the same old fashioned WordPress site ain’t it? I think so too.Being static is not our way here.We assume new ways and proceed towards perfection.

All i want to say is……………….

New theme on its way friends! :)

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