How to Choose the Right Wedding Gift

Although every person in this world likes to hold on to his/her personal opinion on every matter, there are a few issues which enjoy universal acceptance and one of them pertains to buying a wedding gift. No matter which corner of the world you belong to, the dilemma that precedes the selection and purchase of a wedding gift is one of the inescapable truths. In addition to being liked by both halves, a wedding gift should have some utility value and should also be well within your budget. Now doesn’t that render the process difficult and intimidating?

Overwhelmed is the emotion that most people feel while venturing out to purchase a wedding gift. But there is a good news round the corner too in form of pointers that when borne in mind will stand you in good stead while choosing a gift and these are enumerated as follows –

Check the couple’s wedding registry – Nowadays it is common for outlets to maintain wedding registries in which the to-be-wedded couples register their names and also mention the kind of wedding presents that they would like to receive on their d-day. So if you have been invited to a wedding and need to buy a gift then your first priority should be to check the couple’s registry in terms of items specified by them.

There are a few imperative must-dos’ in this case, the foremost being to check the items which have already been purchased so that you do not end up buying them as well. Indeed duplication of gifts is nothing but a waste of money that should be avoided and on your part you must also ensure that the gift that you have selected for purchase from the registry is stuck off the list immediately.

Keep the couple’s choice in mind – An important point to remember while choosing a gift is that it should conform to the couple’s choice and not yours. It is possible that you may find the scarlet dinner set to be extremely garish but if it conforms to the couple’s choice then you might as well buy it for gifting purpose. Since the gift is meant to be for the other person’s use it should be chosen as per his/her preferences rather than yours.

Large gift – In case you are unable to find something in the registry that could be considered as a worthy gift then the option of pooling together and choosing a large gift should be given some thought. For example, open tickets for a Caribbean cruise or a skiing holiday in Switzerland could prove to be too expensive for one person to sponsor but can be easily afforded if there are a number of families contributing.

Situation of the couple – Much of the appropriateness of the gift would depend on the situation that the couple might be facing like the city they might be planning to settle in, state of the house they may be intending to move into and so on. If you are aware of the situation then you can choose a wedding gift that befits their particular circumstances, meaning you could offer to pay for the painting and landscaping services or give cash.

With these tips in mind, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed by the task of choosing a wedding gift because chances of going wrong are minimal.

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