Fourth of July plans.

Guess the holiday mood started already.People started hitting roads for the weekend to enjoy with family and friends.This fourth of July being on a Wednesday brought more scope of partying and having fun at home.

Camping,outdoor games, barbecue,picnics,parties,concerts and lastly fire crackers make the fourth of July the fun filled summer occasion for all the age groups.

Camping outdoors must be the favorite part for kids.The portable gas Grills being most useful accessory for campsite cooking will be enough to satisfy the little monsters’ appetite.

Available with a VersaStand telescoping base that adjusts to the grilling height and 3 year warranty including many top features;this is a better way to go for camping.

Picnics with family is also one of the favorites for everyone during the summer.And when fourth of July is the occasion-who backs out?

Featuring a Picnic table and Picnic Basket apt for the the fun time and durable.The light weight insulated basket with water-proof interior and a picnic table-easy to carry one will be of great use

Barbeque in the backyard is the favorite part of most homesteads in America.Barbequing every protein slowly on the charcoal with this Barbeque Set and taking in all the scents of meat grilling and roasting on its racks on a holiday sounds like heaven,ain’t it?

Thinking of throwing a party or is there a family re-union?Instill a new patriotic glow to your home with the Wall Decor personalized with your family’s name.Its a star door hanger you can hang on the federal holiday.

While party going on, use these natural Tote Bags with American flag design for a eco-friendly party.And decorating with wall decors like Hanging Pillows or a Freedom Cross will surely fill the home with aura of patriotism.

So,plan ahead for the events!Also a great concert will do in lifting spirits up in a eco-friendly way.

Change is inevitable!

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Birthday Gift Ideas

Right from our childhood,the most cherished day for us in a year is our birthday.            happy birthday theme

What not is done by our friends and family to make this a big bash.We all face dilemmas while getting gifts for our friends/dear ones.Especially when budget is involved! But not to worry when i am here ;) You can always share with other friends while getting a gift(Of course both of you must agree on one thing which is entirely different from present issue).

So guys, here are few ideas  for birthday gifts for age groups 11-21(spare with me;i will get back to other age groups gift ideas in my next post)

i will go in an ascending order of age….

PLUSH BAGS: its a  hit in all the age groups(11-20) among girls.Take a look at this cute hug-gable plush bags which can be personalized with the name up to 9 characters and comes along with licorice snaps.take a look….Also in this line is our adorable monster-Domo  and Angry bird

To get similar Domo plush accessories click here

This one is for video game lovers.A personalized ceramic mug is a good option for your friends whose world is video games and they tag themselves as video game lover.Can be personalized up to 10 characters,comes within budget for youngsters; take a look at it here

And for the girls.. i present a mug with hearts for their best friend.The hearts can be customized from 1 to 4 with names on them and also written on it is “tied together with heart strings” This one is for MJ fans.A fitting tribute for the pop king in the form of photographs right from his early life to the best selling albums;this book is a stroll for his fans into his life garden.Filled with most popular photographs and behind-the-scene pictures;this book will win the heart of a Michael Jackson fan.Get this book Michael Jackson:A Life in Pictures here

It wouldn’t better than giving a music note pendant to musician/music lover.I present you a dazzling sterling silver pendant studded with black diamonds(1/10 carat) along with sterling silver chain.check it out

Something for the spy movie fans.I present you a video watch.Yes, it can record upto 20 minutes of video,4 hours of audio and over 2000 photos.Ain’t it a cool gadget for those kids who play/go undercover behind enemy lines?Impressed?I know ;) . Get this cool video watch here.

Something for the Mario game lovers.A Super Mario Bros’ Yahtzee dice game!

You are desperately searching a birthday gift for your girl friend.A glittery hinged wallet or Quartz and Sterling Silver ear rings will definitely win her heart.The following one is a bit costlier than the rest.Made of Sterling Silver, its a name necklace,along with the birthstone of your choice.Suitable for almost all age groups.Also available is a heart pendant of Sterling Silver with birth stone(3 of same color) serving an apt gift for birthday of your lovely friendNow is the ever green photo frame personalized with name and message.Also, complete the gift by signing on it.Best wishes from all the friends will be remembered and cherished. 16th Birthday gifts for girls:The following are the gifts for the girls who are excited to be 16!!Of course we all passed through that phase and know how it feels..and hence i present you SWEET 16 signature d T-shirt and a Lucite heart with personalized name and birth dateAnd this is the T-shirt where you can sign for your friend….Gifts for 21st birthday

And lastly for those who are legally fit for everything—the 21 year old.This is a shot glass  with funny quote on it displaying the freedom of being 21….finally!

Another unique 21st birthday gift item for her.A Birthday Tiara with a “21″ on it.All the best for those who embarked into their twenties :)

Well, well, well…..this is not it.More to follow in my next posts regarding birthday gifts.Feel free to leave the comments.Like us on facebook.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It really calls for a celebration when the co-existence of two partners in life completed another year of their marriage.There will be ups and downs in life but only few people will accompany us through the turmoils.And definitely that few includes our spouse.

For expressing love and gratitude to that blessed soul of your life, you really owe a little something on your wedding anniversary.For that little something;let me steer you safely and give you few ideas.Also there are our friends who give their best wishes.The following articles acquaints everyone to make that special day even better with top gifts from

Personalized frame-true love

Though this is just a photo frame, it speaks out those magical words your husband would want to hear and you would want to express on your anniversary. A special gift for the special couple; simple yet breathtakingly lovely and truthful; this frame is personalized with the couple’s names above and below like an addressee and addresser. This love letter cum photo frame (5×7) is provided by personal creations and comes just for 24.99$.

get its details here

Yet another personalized wooden photo frame for a couple’s anniversary. But this gift can be given by friends or relatives to the couple or can be gifted to the spouse. Comes with a lovely message and can be personalized with names of the couple and their wedding date.

visit our site for more details

Anniversary cards never fail to amuse you. Thats the essence of a greeting card. Ever green in the gifts world, greetings convey the message straight to your heart.

This card with silver and blue balloons is just the reflection of your celebration of the day when you tied the knot.

Perfect gift for wine connoisseurs. Wanna send your best wishes for someone on their anniversary? This is the right gift basket for the occasion. For similar gift baskets visit site

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts:Now there should be special something for successful completion of 25 years of married life. This simple yet elegant gift is one of its kinds. Can be given by the near and dear to the lovely couple; this wind chime has “25″ engraved on its top on the bells and can be personalized with the couple’s name. This would be a sweet keepsake gift for a married couple on their anniversary.

It’s an anniversary plate which has the names of the couple, years married and their wedding date. Suits best if the married couple are the recipients of this gift. The diameter being 7 ¾ and 14K gold plated along the circumference, this is simple and elegant way wishing a happy anniversary to the couple.more in the siteSurprise your spouse with this personalized jewelry with your wedding date on it nestled with hearts. This item is gold plated and comes with a 7 1/2 L Bismarck chain and is available here

There are also wide range of gifts with a silhouette couple either on canvas or pillow case. I present you a couple silhouette figure for cushions in living room or pillows of bed room. Comes with the personalization option for the wedding date and the names of the couple; this becomes a nice arrangement not only for the day of anniversary but also every beautiful day of their married life. Its details are here

LAST but not least, I decided to introduce something funky here. Especially for men from their wives; these are personalized waist jersey cotton boxers written “property of —-“  or  “— was here” written on them. For similar boxers click here

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Scream loud for Halloween ;)

Halloween 2012

If i were in a virtual classroom acting like a witty teacher and ask you all “who wants a Halloween party?”i pretty much expect all your hands rise up for hankering the party to happen any moment now.

Yes,we all love Halloween.Its the day of the year on which we

have fun in frightening and haunting others.Its a day to bring out the mischievous facet of our personality.Also the gifts play an operative role during a Halloween party;if you are hosting one.Be it the trick or treat from the kids or the party at your “haunted house” you would want to do a makeover and decorate the house with carved pumpkins, personalized doormats,basket liners and the list just goes on.

Lemme help you guys with this whole decoration part for your house on a Halloween day.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Start from the door step.Your door mat or the crafted pumpkins at the door step gives a first glimpse at your party mood.

personalized Halloween door mats you might have understood what i meant.Impressed?To see more such door mats go here

And also you can have arrow signs to your garage or at the mail box pointing at your door.

The link for the above image is here

Now that the outer decorations are quite good to pose as a Halloween house,lemme get this discussion stream into the house.You can have decals on your walls,windows,refrigerator etc like the ones i have pasted here….You can find such wall decals in our site.

Halloween Decor

What say of home decors people?Decoration part of your home plays an important role for putting up the scene for Halloween.Check out these home decors for a better perspective.

 Funny and apt for the occasion.

And there’s a cool wall decor.Also hanging some lamps or bats would add to the such example is here……

Don’t worry,its not really fire in there.This lamp comes with bulbs and uses power source.Can be hanged anywhere,like living room,bedroom etc..

you can get this hanging light here

Not just hangings in your living room,but also wall posters which has HOUSE RULES on them will be good on your walls and does justice to the Halloween day.

You can find this poster and similar ones in the link

Also there are wall skeletons which are the best to scare anyone.This skeleton goes good outside the door or inside.Terrify those trick or treaters with this skeleton outside your door or scare your guests with this inside your house.This can be personalized.Your family’s name can be written on the bone Mr.Skeleton is holding.

BBBwwwwaahhhaahhaaaa…..get this scary skeleton here

Ain’t it cool?Yes?So you guys are with me.

Next,let us decorate the tables–be it the dining table or a corner table;you can always do wonders on them.Have these pumpkins on the table or for a bread basket you can have a Halloween liner.Also decorate it with personalized glass plates like i have pasted below.

And i have something special too…Ain’t it cute?//?get this personalized mug here

well you can also find the glass plate and table decors int he links below

And last but not least….this one is for the trick or treaters.

Plush baskets with faces of Frankenstein,Dracula,Skull,Witch etc.And yes,you can personalize with your name on these baskets.So kids,get these baskets,find a costume and just start your expedition and collect as many as cookies,jellybeans or whatever you want.You can find these adorable plush bags here

The below are the images of table decor and the glass plate i have mentioned previously.


okay,this is a second post on the gifts that can be given on father’s day.

the first gift i found during my search is the cuff links.

1.        very simple yet classic looking cuff links made of sterling silver with personalized monogram on it will be a good choice of gift for those dads who spend mostly in busy business conferences.these cuff links are available in here

2.   next in the list is for those dads who have many cuff links and have difficulty in managing them.this is a box specially for those cuff links to exhibit their elegance.the cuff link display case with a see through glass can hold 12 pairs of cuff links and is lined with faux seude and a dark brown leather finishing can also be personalized with three initials or letters for your dad.details are available here

3.   is your dad a golf player?and does free time means golf-time for him? then you have stopped at a right place

this is a golf bag but an insulated one which can hold those bottles and remain them cool and it also has side pockets for golf balls,cell phone, towels and many more.this bag comes along with gloves,tees and ample of space to hold a dozen cans.

now what is better than to see a smile on your dad’s face on receiving this gift on father’s grab it asap and you can get the details here—\\’s-cooler-bag

4.   this gift is for those dads who just love to use their i pads or kindle. this is a leather e-reader case which can hold ipad1,ipad2,kindle keyboard and it can be monogrammed upto three characters.

you can the details here–>

celebrate Fourth of July with

Folks, this July lets again remember the great sacrifices made by our war heroes and lets unite to stand as the world’s greatest and powerful nation. Lets celebrate this year’s independence day
there are a list of suggestions for this upcoming event.

.——> wine tasting on the day of independence is better than anything else.we have a gift basket which presents you your choice of two 750ml wine bottles,two wine glasses,pretzels,chocolate bar,cookies,coffee,tea which serves good for the whole family and also others if you have organised a get together.

these delicious and mouth watering gift basket comes for a reasonable rate of $85.enjoy this with family and friends on 4th of July. for the product description and buying go here

its always fun to give and receive goodies with all those three colors and stars on them.following are such goodies and gifts

:—->the durable slate plaque with american flag painted on it can be customized with the family’s name and it adds to the essence of the independence day.apt for the occasion and good looking when hanged infront of the house during the celebrations.this is available for just $17.99.for more details visit the site

the bald eagle canvas on your wall will be efficacious in depicting the joy for the freedom.this beautiful canvas can be gifted to friends on fourth of July and share the merriment.for similar canvas gifts you can go here

:—->You can also gift these yummy chocolate covered macadamia nuts from cafe Britt to those fellow citizens whom you are celebrating the fourth of Britt is known for its coffee from Costa Rica and this pack has macadamia nuts covered with gourmet dark chocolate.this is a perfect gift to almost any occasion.

you will find more information here

stay connected for more suggestions….till then adios.


We are back with more exciting ideas to make the celebrations in your life shine even brighter. This June you must be busy or sometimes confused with the preparations of that big-surprise you would wanna give to your dad on  father’s day. After all he is our hero from the moment we opened our eyes, who has taken care and always loved us, showed us the right path, well sometimes in a tougher  way .he has been our guide, friend, guardian and we ought to make this day special for him. We know what this means to you and we haven’t leave any leaf unturned to make this day a memorable one for you and your dad. So, without any delay let’s hop up into the main content. helps its users find wide range of gifts from different websites. Be it the costly electronic gadgets or a friendly yet elegant looking tie, your dad will love them. Few suggestions for gifts are as follows:

To start the celebration you can get a wine basket in which you can choose your dad’s favorite champagne and this basket contains lot many snacks,coffee,tea,nuts etc. which will be a yummy start to mention. toast to the world’s best dad first and this basket also has a gift card which you can customize while ordering.

so gear up to surprise with this fabulous gift basket for the man whose hands guided us when we were unable to walk,whose shoulders were the obvious place to sit during our childhood and whose big arms comforted us during thick and thin.

are you interested in this gift view more such gift baskets with different inclusions like chocolates,nuts etc.,here is where you can get more details- —->

Are you guys in search of a simple yet cute gift for your dad?check this out ~~                                                                                      This personalized round necked white t-shirt available in cotton and poly blend or a mug will be easy to get and easy to impress. You have been thinking of saying your dad that he is the best-and you can express this by giving a t-shirt or a ceramic coffee mug which is microwave and dish wash resistant with personalized message along with the name-just the way you want.

Click here if you wanna know more

  • Wine box

Is your dad a wine lover? Does he have a thing for wine bottles? then this gift will do good for  father’s day .The brown wine box with a faux leather finishing that can hold any 750ml bottle with an elegant looking metal lock and a handle. The brass plate can be engraved with a father’s day message with 15characters each in 2 lines. For example you can also write your family’s name on it. Visit the site for more details on its price and different colors

  • Watch box

Now, if your dad has a lot of watches and faces trouble managing them, then a watch box will be a good option. Try this beautiful faux leather watch box which can hold 10 watches and has a see through glass lid. This glass can be laser engraved with a 3 letter monogram. Try with the initials of your dad or simply DAD can also serve better for the occasion. The box has also a small lock to safeguard the contents which adds to the classic look. for more details, visit the site\’s-Day-Gifts—Personalized-Watch-Box.

  • Clock

This father’s day express your love by giving a clock for his office desk with your names written.

Though the clock is smaller but the whole gift is a lovely piece that can be gifted on a father’s day. Moreover all the people who acknowledge the love and affection of a father can have their names on it. On this day the individual is no more seen like a business man or defined by his profession but he is celebrated as the sole figure of love-DAD. This simple yet purposeful gift will be making him pride himself of his paternal love. Click here for more details:

Next in the list a paper weight. Don’t be astonished.  This paper weight is a beveled glass one with heart touching lines and can be personalized with your name.

It’s a lovely and sentimental gift that expresses your love concisely and without much ado.for details click here—From-One-Child

Last,but not least this gift is from those daddy’s girls It’s a photo frame with a poem on the lift and you can keep the best photo of you and your dad.Showcase the special bond so immaculate and pure this father’s day with these gifts.

more suggestions for the father’s day gifts you can go here:’s-Day&start=64&sp=0&tp=200&howmany=16’s-Day&start=96&sp=0&tp=200&howmany=16