Relaunched the Topgifter site.


After many sleepless nights,overcoming all the hardships and crossing all the hurdles; we are glad to announce the launch of new version of the Topgifter site with many advanced features which is simple,professional and organised compared to its previous layout. And whats more interesting is the new app that has personalized with your  Facebook profile which shows the event list and suggestions for your friends’ birthdays and stuff like that.

    The revamped site comes with infinite pagination of pages and a user friendly layout which enables the perfect gift discovery more easier. We also have included new inventories for a better shopping experience.

Happy surfing!!!













Facebook login for Topgifter site

Introducing the new Facebook Topgifter app to make the personalization of your page even easier.You can now login to the Topgifter site using Facebook and comment on the gifts and post them on your wall.

The login button appears in top right corner of your web page and you can access the site using Facebook.Once its are free to post at your will regarding the products and gift options we have by using ‘comment bar’.







New Additions made in Topgifter site

Topgifter has recently taken a step forward to reach its users through social networking.

WE have included the commenting section for every gift idea in the site.

This way, your friends can see what you comment-it posts on your Facebook wall or you can also comment using Yahoo,AOL,Hotmail.And it guides the other users about the gift we display and helps them decide the p’s an q’s of the gift idea.

“The motion is passed to open the floor for discussion”  ;)

ciao :)



My Trials running app on App Engine uses SOLR for its search backend. We use Amazon EC2, S3 to host our inventory. We use a combination of Java, php for site. To minimize server expenditures, I thought of leveraging Google App Engine. So, started experimenting with php using Quercus framework. Though I got most of the pages working fine, some external url’s are failing with a invalid string exception. I thought of modifying com.caucho.quercus.servlet.GoogleQuercusServlet in resin.jar , but could not get hold of source for resin.jar. As always, because of time constraints, could not get to the bottom of the problem.