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After many sleepless nights,overcoming all the hardships and crossing all the hurdles; we are glad to announce the launch of new version of the Topgifter site with many advanced features which is simple,professional and organised compared to its previous layout. And whats more interesting is the new app that has personalized with your  Facebook profile which shows the event list and suggestions for your friends’ birthdays and stuff like that.

    The revamped site comes with infinite pagination of pages and a user friendly layout which enables the perfect gift discovery more easier. We also have included new inventories for a better shopping experience.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: No Thinking Required

Women around the world are tired of getting the classic Valentine’s Day gifts, and guys who are wise enough to notice the very subtle eyerolls are scrambling to find unique, romantic, and imaginative Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will leave their partners wowed. The hard part, even for men who are naturally a little on the romantic side, is finding a gift that really does move her. With the aid of the internet, and a brand new gift search engine by the name of, finding amazing gift ideas for that special someone is going to be a cinch when Valentine’s Day 2014 comes around.

Plenty Of Gifts To Choose From Within Seconds:

As anyone can tell you about gift giving, different people enjoy different gifts, and not everyone can have a limitless spending budget for their sweetheart. When you browse, you can sort out the results that you get by budget, as well as by the kind of gifts that you want to give. The gifts also come from hundreds of different merchants, all displayed with ease at a touch of a button. Users get to choose from an amazing variety of gifts, all found using a highly advanced search algorithm that tailors your results to the needs of both you and the recipient. Brainstorming new gift ideas has never been so easy.

Easy To Use: is a great search engine for people who want to get amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas but don’t have the tech savvy that is required to use other sites, programs, or tools. Everything is easy to access, explained in easy to understand steps, and presented in a way that makes it easy to find that one special gift that grabs your eye. Actually ordering the gift is just as easy, and merchants accept a variety of payments. Most people who have used marvel at how easy it is to order the right gift within minutes – and also get it at the right price. Is A Free Search Engine

It’s true that there are other gift search engine sites out there that people can use to find good gifts, but there always seems to be one of two main problems with these sites. It always seems like these kinds of sites either use low quality programs to find those gifts, which in turn makes the search  results less than stellar. Those sites that don’t have low quality programs selecting the gifts almost always seem to charge a certain membership fee for use, or require a credit card to access them. is different in both respects. This is the only  free to use gift-finding search engine out there with accurate results, ease of use, and suggestions that fit every budget.

This year, instead of giving her the old school, tired, worn-out gift of flowers and chocolate, give her something that will make her jaw drop. With, you can find a new Valentine’s Day gift idea that will have her, as wll as all of her friends, wondering where you came up with that idea. Why not try it out today and see what presents you could offer her this February?

4th of July Party Ideas.

The American Independence Day is not far off and its time to gear up and plan for the party! This Fourth of July, get the BBQ lined up and celebrate it with your family and friends.

Here are a few list of suggestions and party ideas for you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Read on…


1.Grilling  Out!

Gear up for a patriotic picnic with family,friends and relatives. Be it your front-lawn or some other place,picnic is always a fun-thing for both kids and adults. For a fun-filled picnic, get the sandwiches ordered the day before and wrap them in red and blue papers.Roll the blue berries and straw berries into a cone using a white sheet. That makes up to the party theme on the table.Decorating tables with red,blue and white striped cloths and plates; along with the mouth-watering grilled meat fancify the party.Conduct games for kids and adults to keep the buzz on.

Picnic during such occasions with family and friends forms a positive aura and spreads happiness and patriotism.

2. Invite family and friends for dinner.

Conduct a re-union by inviting your family and close friends for dinner and enjoy the Independence Day with your close circles. Decorating your home with paper ribbons and small flags, personalized items like dishware, coffee mugs,door mats,aprons betters the party mood. You can also wrap small paper flags to the water bottles to get the spirit up.


 3. Celebrate it the Eco-Friendly Way:

Its almost certain that the after-math of the party or picnic will be filled up with a lot of  dishes to do or maybe even disposing plastic plates. Instead, you can get the bio-degradable party kit which has all the utensils and plates.

Or,you can also light up your home with these awesome solar LED lights 

 4. Relish the joy with foods!

If you are away from home and wondering how to celebrate the Independence Day within your budget and be hunky-dory about it; well, you always have an option of going to barbecue restaurants or malls and enjoying the native american food tastes. And during the evening you can watch the fire-crackers show or take someone to a concert.

 Happy Fourth of July 2013!!

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Gift

Although every person in this world likes to hold on to his/her personal opinion on every matter, there are a few issues which enjoy universal acceptance and one of them pertains to buying a wedding gift. No matter which corner of the world you belong to, the dilemma that precedes the selection and purchase of a wedding gift is one of the inescapable truths. In addition to being liked by both halves, a wedding gift should have some utility value and should also be well within your budget. Now doesn’t that render the process difficult and intimidating?

Overwhelmed is the emotion that most people feel while venturing out to purchase a wedding gift. But there is a good news round the corner too in form of pointers that when borne in mind will stand you in good stead while choosing a gift and these are enumerated as follows –

Check the couple’s wedding registry – Nowadays it is common for outlets to maintain wedding registries in which the to-be-wedded couples register their names and also mention the kind of wedding presents that they would like to receive on their d-day. So if you have been invited to a wedding and need to buy a gift then your first priority should be to check the couple’s registry in terms of items specified by them.

There are a few imperative must-dos’ in this case, the foremost being to check the items which have already been purchased so that you do not end up buying them as well. Indeed duplication of gifts is nothing but a waste of money that should be avoided and on your part you must also ensure that the gift that you have selected for purchase from the registry is stuck off the list immediately.

Keep the couple’s choice in mind – An important point to remember while choosing a gift is that it should conform to the couple’s choice and not yours. It is possible that you may find the scarlet dinner set to be extremely garish but if it conforms to the couple’s choice then you might as well buy it for gifting purpose. Since the gift is meant to be for the other person’s use it should be chosen as per his/her preferences rather than yours.

Large gift – In case you are unable to find something in the registry that could be considered as a worthy gift then the option of pooling together and choosing a large gift should be given some thought. For example, open tickets for a Caribbean cruise or a skiing holiday in Switzerland could prove to be too expensive for one person to sponsor but can be easily afforded if there are a number of families contributing.

Situation of the couple – Much of the appropriateness of the gift would depend on the situation that the couple might be facing like the city they might be planning to settle in, state of the house they may be intending to move into and so on. If you are aware of the situation then you can choose a wedding gift that befits their particular circumstances, meaning you could offer to pay for the painting and landscaping services or give cash.

With these tips in mind, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed by the task of choosing a wedding gift because chances of going wrong are minimal.

St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

St Patricks Day Gift TowerSaint Patrick’s Day or the feast of Saint Patrick whatever you call it is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th March and is named after Saint Patrick. March 17th is the feast day of the Saint and anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish feels that this day is one of the religious holidays from almost 1000 years now. On this day that falls on Christian season of Lent, the Irish families attend or go to the church in the morning and then celebrate the day in the afternoon. The people would dance, sing, drink and feast-on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

Originally, the colour associated with the day was blue. Over the years, the colour green and its association with the Saint Patrick’s Day grew. Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn by people in the celebrations. Irish soldiers wore green uniforms on 17th March in hopes of getting the attention from people. People greet each other with gifts for their loved ones.

There are so many gift options for people like giving: gold coins at the bottom with skittles filled in a jar, as green is the colour of the day people give St. Patrick day green fortune cookies, luck of Irish candy bar cake, Irish green colour mother lessons t-shirts, shamrock and smiley face cookies, St. Patricks day favour box, Ireland umbrella, blessing of the Claddagh Emerald and diamond hidden message ring, Irish famous quotes personalized coaster set, Candy dish, Irish driver license t-shirt, Celtic medley shawl, shamrock scarf, St. Patrick’s day  Oreos gift box and etc. These are so many amazing gift options that you can consider giving your loved ones on the St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patricks Day Gifts

Saint Patrick’s Day is nothing without the colour gifts for your loved ones. March 17 is one day where everyone can go Irish and celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day with wonderful giveaways for their friends and family. Colour green is the colour of the day, so most people appreciate and prefer gifts in green.

The options of giveaways are St. Patrick’s Lolli green card, magnet clover shape, king size cork shamrock coaster, visibility pencil, acrylic shot glass, eco-aware biodegradable bottle in green, suction phone stand, crimson clover for leaf clover ornament, clover stress ball, waiters knife, Irish coffee mug, printed drawstring lunch tote, adult short sleeve beefy-t, traditional Irish teddy bear are various other giveaway options.

Go green is the title and caption of the day of Saint Patrick’s feast. The great thing about this holiday is that you can go as a subtitle or as wild as you like. St. Patrick’s Day green t-shirt has been a common article clothing to wear proudly. Green gifts and green clothing make the day completely green.

St Patricks Day Gift

People prefer eating traditional Irish food for the feast that includes bangers and mash, colcannon, corned beef, cabbage, stew, boxty, a Belfast breakfast and patties-potatoes. People listen to Irish music, dance and sing joyfully celebrating the holiday. There are so many local parades that take place throughout the day in large cities like New York, Chicago, and London, Canada, etc.

Giving Birthday Gifts

Birthday is a very special time; it’s a time when everyone shows that they care with their gestures, wishes and gifts. As they say, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Most of us get so excited with just the word “birthday” and it becomes more special when you have family and good friends around to celebrate with. Birthdays are the time of cakes, snacks, colors, balloons, drinks and gifts wrapped in different papers and glitters.

You will find a lot of birthday gift ideas for different birthdays and years. A birthday gift can be big or small, what’s more important is the idea, behind giving a particular gift to someone you care for. A birthday gift is something that people hold near to their hearts and can make the difference in your relationship with the giver.

A birthday gift does not always have to be something very costly. Be innovative and creative in thinking of a birthday gift. The best gift is when you know what the person wants and gets them what they were thinking of buying since a long time. There is always something that you can gift, as it is anyway going to have a special meaning to the receiver because you have given it.

What will you like for your birthday? Some beautiful flowers, perfume, chocolates, tee shirts, socks, jewelry or something else, let’s see what our experts got to say about birthday gifts.

Birthstone BraceletGift Ideas for Her:

Gift ideas for a special woman in your life, she can be your mother, your sister, your daughter, your niece or a good friend. Women’s like to be spoiled by gifts, but that does not mean that you have to win a jackpot to give them gifts. A thoughtful and meaningful gift for her will be more loved by her than some cash. You can go through our selection for women’s gift and pick the one she will love to have. You can give her flowers with some jewelry, some chocolates, some thoughtful cards, photo frames, and pair of coffee mugs or a mobile cover in her favorite color. You can get her a personalized gift from our birthday gift collection and make her feel the special someone on her special day.

Glass MugsGift Ideas for Him:

Gift ideas for a special man in your life, he can be your father, your brother, your son, your nephew or a good friend. Most of the times, it’s really a tough thing to select gift for a man; they generally buy what they want, whenever they want. They won’t give you much of hints on what they are thinking and what they really want the most right now. They are mostly a gadget fan, music fan or a sports fan, get them something from their favorites. You can also buy them something different than the regular ones, something like: pair of socks, bottle of aftershave, a coffee mug, a beer jar, a gadget cover and make him surprised on his special day.

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary is a special day, a day when you remember that a knot was made, and the love bond was created. An anniversary is the celebration time of love, trust, tolerance, understanding and partnership. Every year, the bond becomes stronger in a marriage, makes the love mature and get more sense of care and understanding among the two people.

As they say, “love grows stronger with its age”. With every passing year, the excitement and ideas of gifting each other changes. Anniversary gifts are special message of love, sometimes what we want to say, think and feel, cannot be expressed in just words.

Sometimes some special gifts to one another become a good way of showing love to your beloved. One of the memorable anniversary years are: the 1st anniversary, 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary and 75th anniversary.

1st Anniversary Gifts1st Anniversary Gifts:
First year is the most special and dear one for the couple, the first anniversary holds special memories and gifts for each other. First year is a time period when love nurtures, and you start knowing your spouse better than the day you got married. You start sharing a bond of love, secrets and care.

The most popular gift ideas are: photo frames, coffee mugs, tee shirts, caps, aprons and personalized phone case.

25th Anniversary Gifts25th Anniversary Gifts:
A twenty-fifth anniversary that is also called as a silver jubilee or a silver anniversary is one of the best times in a couple’s life. You have spent a quarter of a century in love with one person, and that needs to be celebrated.

As this year is special, you have seen the ups and downs of the relationship you share; you are now understanding your differences and working on growing up your children with best of education and values.

The most popular gifts are silver: Silver is known for its radiance and brilliance, gift silver accessories, silver photo frames, bags, tee shirts, beer mugs, coffee mugs, and jewellery.

50th Anniversary Gifts50th Anniversary Gifts:
A fiftieth anniversary that is also called as the golden jubilee or golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries. The golden anniversary should be celebrated with nothing but gold. You have seen your kids growing up from kinder-garden to school to college, watching them getting married and seeing the next generation.

You have seen it, and you are living the golden era of your life with someone who loves you and understands you, like you. The most popular gift for this anniversary will be golden accessories or anything that cherishes memories of fifty years of togetherness, love and care.

75th Anniversary Gifts75th Anniversary Gifts:
A seventy-fifth anniversary that is also called as the diamond jubilee or diamond anniversary is one of the most memorable anniversaries, not only for you but for everyone who loves you and who is around you.

The most popular gift will be anything diamond or crystal for your loved one. It is a true milestone in your life, as you have stayed happily and in love with the same person for 75 years. There are so many memories to remember and so many moments to cherish. You can go for diamond or crystal accessory, photo frames, mugs, cups, caps, tee shirts, bags and more.

They say “an anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow”. So celebrate and share gifts with each other, like you have shared your lives with love, care and compassion.

Gifting Ideas on Astrological Signs

If you wonder what gift, you should be giving to someone whom they will like and use when they receive, then a very smart gift will be to give them gifts based on astrological signs. We do understand the fact that it is a challenge to find the perfect gift, even if we go by astrological signs. Even so, still it’s worth a try.

So here we are looking at the twelve sun signs, sharing some Zodiac based gifting ideas, which will go for all occasions.

Aries (March 21 – April 20): Active, adventurous, high-spirited, energetic, fiery, athletic, charismatic, courageous, optimistic and friendly. Aries loves attention so give them gifts that will make them center of attraction. Anything exciting, colourful and fun will make Aries happy.

They are known of being impulsive and active. Athletics is counted as one of their interests. So buy them some sporty hats and t-shirts to start with. Aries loves to learn new things and stay active all the time. Try to find out. What was the latest fascination and get them a how-to book or some materials related to the subject.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Aries Gifts page.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21): Compassionate, dependable, loyal, reliable, and strong. Taurus likes the finer things. They love ethnic and artistic fabric work. Luxury with a perfect blend of practicality is what they adore.

They know how to enjoy life with the best food, wine and surroundings. Items that are soft, expensive and relaxing thrill them. Don’t rush to buy gifts for a Taurus, take your time. Spend some time thinking what will be best for them, what will be add-on to their collectibles and will it be practical enough to amaze them?

You can find some more gift ideas on our Taurus Gifts page.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): They love to talk, send a text message, write email and voice messages. You just name any communication gadgets popular in market, and a Gemini will be having it. Your gift can be from electronic gadgets to a handy cam or a video-game; anything is perfect for a Gemini.

They have a lot of interests so finding a subject that interests they shouldn’t be a problem. Just look through the books they already have been reading as a guide.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Gemini Gifts page.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Adaptability, moody, sensitive, loyal, genuine attachment to family and empathy these are few traits of a Cancerian. The best gift for the cancer sign is something special to make them feel secure, content and attached.

They nurture a motherly instinct, are domestic, and they love to nurture others. They adore large families and they always protect and make a nest wherever they go.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Cancer Gifts page.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Kind, optimist, honest, loyal, optimist, honest, energetic and dominating. Leos are the kings and the queens of the astrological signs. They are royal and have a flair for the dramatic. They like high-quality accessories and expensive jewellery like gold rings or necklace jaded with ruby or diamond or even platinum is a good choice for gifting them.

Leos will mean what they say and will say what they mean, so you better be ready for their response, in case they didn’t like what you got for them. They share their opinion with you, whether you want to hear it or not. So be prepared.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Leo Gifts page.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Helpful, Shy, Intelligent, Practical, Neat, Organizer, Hard working, perfectionist, sincere, patient, dependable and realistic. Virgos are neat and tidy people. They cannot stand dirt and sloppiness and might use a harsh tone to make themselves clear about how they feel.

The greatest strength of Virgo is in their practical approach, and their attention to detail combined with their willingness to serve.

You can find some more gifts on our Virgo Gifts page.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Patience, balance, Gregarious, loving, Affectionate, Cheerful, Energetic and Social in nature. They are independent individuals, and they do not take orders from others. They are an excellent listener, that’s one reason why they are always surrounded by people.

Elegance is of the utmost importance to Libra. If you want to make them feel very special, then surprise them with a candlelight dinner and call their closest friends.

You can find some more gifts on our Libra Gifts page.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Loyal, Trustworthy, Stubborn, Jealous, Passionate, Charismatic, Mystifying, Caring and Patience. They love surprises and so any occasion is a good occasion. Scorpios love mystery and secrets.

They are a friend who will stand beside the ones they live whatever comes. Through thick and thin, you cannot ask for more from a friend.

You can find some more gifts on our Scorpio Gifts page.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Honest, Light heart, Intellectual, Excellent communication skills, sharp tongue, prone to change and restlessness. Humor  adventure and travel, now that’s what Sagittarius are all about. They are out-going; they love travelling and meeting new people.

Sagittarius will be the first person to cheer up their friends when they are low and depressed. So give them the best gift to cherish.

You can find some more gifts on our Sagittarius Gifts page.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Hardworking, Practical, Reliable, Loyal, Sincere, Simple, Conservative, Professional and Ambitious. Capricorn’s love status items, so give them gifts that are the very best to make them happy. They like expensive gifts, but they are not very particular about having them.

Just don’t bother with any new gadgets for a Capricorn, as that might not interest them and buying them, you are likely to be wasting your money and wasting money doesn’t impress Capricorn’s.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Capricorn Gifts page.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Friendly, Affable, Intelligent, Kind, Compassionate, Practical, Unpredictable and Adamant. You can never predict mood of an Aquarius, so gift them anything out-of-the box. They are tech savvy, and they like gadgets and latest applications. They can surprise you with their fashion statement as they are shoppers too.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Aquarius Gifts page.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Dreamers, Artistic, Emotional, Intuitive, Empathetic, Creative, Spiritual and Sentimental. They take things to their heart, not only do they feel deeply. They can easily become stressed. Try finding things that will calm them and help in maintaining the balance.

Pisces is someone who will try to help everyone around them. They really don’t like their friends or close ones to be unhappy, and they do anything to cause a change and be helpful.

You can find some more gift ideas on our Pisces Gifts page.

Get more suggestions on gifting online at Top Gifter.

New Year Resolutions

2012 has been a  great year and firstly i would like to thank my colleagues Jagdish and Prashant for their guidance in blogging and Search Engine Optimization. Also i thank my family and friends for being my backbone and being there for me.

Anyways, we shall be embarking in a few days into another set of adventurous, exciting or even some heart rending moments filled with euphoria of zest for another 365 days. For the next year we humans inexplicably, for even a slight moment, think of making few resolutions that does good to us, our personality and our surroundings. And i say it is rather important to keep them up and follow.

So here are few resolutions that many people come upon for a better change in themselves.

1. Organize your life for the next year and mark all the important events for you don’t want to be called as the one who always forgets the occasions.For this, a journal or an organizer would do.

2. Try new things and open up to the world. Reading books is a very good habit and the knowledge that you gain will be priceless. So this year,gear up to get new books into your bookshelf.

3. Being healthy and grooming oneself is important than any other thing. Stay fit and you automatically will be introduced into a new life with lots of positive energy. That jogging you used to avoid mostly or the gym you’ve been planning to go and never made a move should be given a chance now.

4. Go green this year! The energy usage and the waste we produce by fossil fuels every year is making out clock tick faster than we can think of. Try to use eco-friendly products, recycle and stop the usage of plastic, use public transport whenever possible to decrease the  burning of fossil fuels. Remember, small things make a big change.

5. Planning to become a vegetarian? Now is the right time. Make it your new year resolution and act accordingly. Few things to guide you upon this decision:

6. Indulge in charity the coming year.Its always great to give for those who are in dire need.Take the American National Red Cross, American Cancer Society or you can also make donations online to web portals like, PETA etc.

 Keep thinking about your resolutions.

Happy New Year!!








Christmas Gift Ideas.

Ho Ho Ho !!  Christmas is here!!

Holidays are here already and plans to make it a best day once again have started. What makes Christmas so special? My take on it is the aura of love,affection,comradeship along with exchange of gifts. Exchanging gifts within family and friends,colleagues without missing any single person is a hell lot of  job.And the confusion as to which gift to whom can eat away our peace. Well, once again let us help with your gifting experience with few suggestions.

Here are top 10 picks for this Christmas gifts.

1. As a Christmas gifts for men watches will be an easy option. Be it a boyfriend, husband, dad or a brother; they all love watches and for those men who have a lot of watches already; gift them a leather or  a wooden watch and wallet case.


2.  And for older men and women ; gift them a unique “Story of a Lifetime”- a leather memoir which contains all the questions that should be answered and filled by the person rediscovering their lifetime. A gift which gathers the family and friends…a perfect Christmas gift!

3.  For women; a book will do for all age groups. And for those busy and ardent readers who already have a kindle; a kindle leather case will do justice. Take a look at these.

 4.  And the jewelry box never misses the trend among women and immediately wins them over with its cool and fashionable look .Check this ravishing leather jewelry box.

5.  A way of gifting your colleagues without having the worry of missing anyone is by being a secret santa. Cashmere scarf or a jacket for your female colleague will accomplish the job just fine.

6.  Coming to teens section; we have picked the electronic stuff. Any teen boy or girl would love receiving an iPhone or iPAD.

7. Check out this cool Native Union Pop Handset which minimizes the radiation and has a high quality microphone which can be plugged into both iPhones and laptops/ iPADs.

8. And for the girls we have this beautiful personalized pendant made of Sterling Silver with their birthstone.9. Coming to kids, it will be exciting for the kids to unravel their mysterious gift from a Christmas stocking. And for this purpose we have a Disney Cars toy and a spy watch which records videos.
10. Last but not the least;for the families of friends and relatives. And for that we have wide range of gift options like Wine Gift Baskets for those wine connoisseurs,wine flutes, cardigans for women, crystal votive and candle or simply a Christmas home decor to mention a few.




So that’s all for now.