Audrey Hepburn Barbie Sabrina Doll


Simply gorgeous. Audrey Hepburn plays Sabrina Fairchild once more in this beautiful Barbie Doll! From her appearance in the 1954 romantic film Sabrina. Will you look at that. It's Sabrina Fairchild, the chauffer's daughter! Based on her appearance in the classic 1954 romantic film Sabrina, this Audrey Hepburn Barbie Sabrina Doll stands 11 1/2-inches tall. It's a marvelous recreation of Ms. Hepburn's unforgettable look in the movie. She wore many different outfits in the film, but none were more beautiful than this… the strapless white dress, long white gown, and black high heels. Simply gorgeous. Ages 6 and up.