Accusplit Survivor Stopwatch


The Accusplit Survivor S1XLBK Stopwatch has great economical features and functions designed to give you professional timing in an affordable manner. The S1XLBK operates on the Watch Company Operating System (WOS 2.5) used by most watch manufacturers, which employs a two-button system. The right button is used for start and stop, the left for split and release. The S1XLBK stopwatch features cumulative-split timing. The cumulative (CUM) time is the capture of elapsed time to current event and consists of all splits beginning to end. The split time is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time. Functions: -Split -1-2 Fast Finish -Start/Stop -Time in/time out -30 Min to 1/100 Sec -24 Hr to 1 Sec -12,24 Hr Time of day -Alarm -Month/Date -Day of Week Features: -5 year warranty -1.5-Year Battery Life -Water Resistant to 10m/30ft