4 Pack Metal Stylus Pens for Capacitive Touchscreens - Valentines Set


Have you been struck with Cupid's arrow? Spending a lot of time typing furiously on those teensy, tiny virtual keys texting your new beloved a sonnet you composed during Geometry class? Make sure your works arrive accurately in their intended iambic pentameter with our 4 Pack of Metal Stylus Pens for Capacitive Touchscreens! Making typing on touchscreen devices like the iPhone super easy, this set comes with two pink and two purple styli, so everyone around you will know that you are totally in love forever (even if they aren't receiving those poems themselves). Whether you just use them for Valentines Day or for the rest of your relationship (which could seriously be forever if you keep those beautiful sonnets going!), you'll always look totally in love (and totally cute)!.